Saying No

In the professional sphere, the impulse to automatically say "yes" can be a powerful force. Whether driven by the desire to please, fear of conflict, or the ambition to excel, this reflex can sometimes lead us astray. However, true wisdom in decision-making comes from balance: weighing our needs against the needs of others and the situation at large. This blog introduces a nuanced approach to decision-making, represented through a quadrant that aids in understanding the multifaceted nature of our choices.    Deciphering the Quadrant of Decision-Making  To navigate the complex landscape of professional decisions, envision a quadrant that categorizes our [...]

June 25, 2024|Personal excellence|

Unleash Your Superpower: How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship

We are living in the age of agency, where technology has empowered individuals to pursue their passions and create their own paths to success. Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of this revolution, revolutionizing entrepreneurship in ways we couldn't have imagined before. From automating mundane tasks to analyzing vast amounts of data, AI is unleashing the superpower within each entrepreneur, allowing them to focus on what truly matters and achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and innovation. Join us on this journey as we explore the ways in which AI is revolutionizing entrepreneurship and how you can harness its power [...]

October 31, 2023|Uncategorized|

Are you still using a generator to power your server room?

You are not alone. With the most recent spate of load shedding ravaging our country, many businesses in South Africa find themselves at the mercy of harmful, smoke-emitting, diesel-powered generators. These generators, though once a reasonably efficient method of offsetting the effects of load shedding, are now considered costly, intrusive, and ineffective. The utter damage that can be caused to the electrical and IT infrastructure of your business by these unpredictable power surges and their effects are a major concern for organisations. Of course, organisations also have the alternative to employ costly backup batteries to help quell the side effects [...]

My basic purpose

I'm often asked why I do what I do. I know the answer deep down, but I rarely publish it. During the global shock of COVID-19, I had no choice but to confront the question again. This is a very personal post that deliberately focuses on me.   From a young age, I knew I enjoyed making a lot from very little. I loved working to get as much value from something as I could. Given a little, I see the opportunity and I make magic.   Growing up, I worked at my gran's shop during school holidays. With my [...]

April 25, 2020|Personal excellence|

Seriously, is that a lawnmower? Basic etiquette for online meetings

During a time like this, virtual meetings are a necessity. These can be agonising if not done right. I used to work from a Dubai office while my extended team sat across many countries. The rules that follow are a result of lessons learned during this time. Online meetings come with peculiar liabilities. Basic etiquette can solve these. This post applies more to meetings than webinars. Both call for different sets of conduct. 1. The Golden Rule: Treat your online meeting like a regular meeting Arrange your day so that you can be present during the meeting. If it [...]

March 20, 2020|Personal excellence|

Raising the game in IT

IT has come a long way from the days of merely supporting the business from afar. At the risk of sounding like an IT zealot, I must remark that IT is, today, a means by which all business is done. Try to remember the last time you were involved in a business transaction where technology did not form any part of executing the transaction. Let’s say you walked into a grocer, picked up a bottle of milk, paid for it in cash and left. Even in such a limited and simple transaction, it is likely that the till-point was automated, [...]

December 9, 2019|Digitalisation toward revenue growth|
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