I’m often asked why I do what I do. I know the answer deep down, but I rarely publish it. During the global shock of COVID-19, I had no choice but to confront the question again. This is a very personal post that deliberately focuses on me.
From a young age, I knew I enjoyed making a lot from very little. I loved working to get as much value from something as I could. Given a little, I see the opportunity and I make magic.
Growing up, I worked at my gran’s shop during school holidays. With my sister, we created a parcel counter (a place for shoppers to leave their bags while shopping). I enjoyed that we made something useful from an old, filthy room. And it gave customers an excellent experience.
I thrive on making the best use of available resources. I see the opportunity in resources that few others do. In the face of towering constraints, I love helping someone fulfil their true potential. COVID-19 has been an awakening. It brought to light how much my inner calling is needed right now.
I have a very specific way of going about this. I depend on three core strengths.
I start by spotting what causes what. This has been one of my most handy strengths. It helps me rapidly learn even complex subjects. By determining cause points, I know what I can later use.
Second, I use the cause points to explain things to myself and others. Knowing the why behind things is empowering. I am able to sometimes predict where things are going, provided my cause points are clear. I can simplify things so that even complex information is passed along.
The final step is where the magic happens. Knowing each resource, I arrange these limited resources cleverly to produce something great. My reward is knowing I created something that few dared possible.
My coding acumen is a direct manifestation of these strengths at work. I study syntax to understand what causes what. I then arrange it in a way that produces an unexpected outcome. Again, making a lot out of very little. Creative use of English is another example.
Good workflow means the correct arrangement of available resources to improve efficiency. Effective systems make the impossible possible. I will go so far as to say that no person will be as productive without digital than with. No person can maximise their potential in the absence of digital. Digital provides the easiest way of making a lot out of very little.
Over time, my purpose became a cause. I stand by the notion that all people can offer their dream service to the world, no matter the constraint. There is no excuse for hiding our value. My knack for seeing the opportunity and outwitting constraint kicks in hard here. There are no excuses.
As a Microsoft employee, I sold technology for the better part of a decade and a half. When I look back, I never sold anything. I drove technology adoption because I’ve seen it create possibilities. It always made people better off. This blog is an extension of this agenda. It is all about making technology more relatable, more human.
Through life, my purpose has proved to be a double-edged sword. As much as I see potential in everyone, I have little tolerance for slacking and waste. This penchant for efficiency causes a less than desirable impatience – just ask my team mates.
My basic purpose has gotten me out of hot water more times than I can count. It is the single reason for any success I’ve had to date. During our current hours of darkness, I am intent on getting my personal message out more than before. There is opportunity even amongst today’s most looming constraints.
I am fortunate that I am invited to speak on several platforms. This makes it possible to spread my message. Attendees of the IoDSA webinar a few days ago generouslyexpressed gratitude. People recognised that my approach was positive and legitimate. Based on market data, valid business opportunity was unearthed.
This blog is a labour of love. It’s about helping you make the most out of what you have. That includes who you are. This means we will look at tools and methods for success. For relevance, we will orient the conversation around the workplace.
We will talk about things in a very human way. It’s where you come if you want to see the opportunity for you, no matter how overbearing the obstacles.
The pressure of our times is forcing us to rise to the occasion. We have to be better and do better. Any slack we had is mostly, if not entirely, gone. We must be poised for personal excellence. This is a time for battle. Vulnerability shows up fast on the front lines.