I hold firmly to the belief that every person can offer their calling to this world, no matter the constraint. Every person has their value to offer and should never have to suppress this native impetus toward service. I derive my greatest joy, ultimately, from helping people realise this dream.

The pressures of life, aka a scarcity of money and time, cause many to put aside this dream. Thus, my claim would be nothing in the absence of my greatest and most demonstrated gift:

The ability to out-maneuvre constraints and make a lot from little.

Using an odd combination of why finding and outright creativity, I thrive on maximising the effect of limited resources. Every person can start toward their dream. In the presence of the right plan, spelling out the clever use of available resources, a dream is realised despite towering adversity. There are no excuses.

This skill in growth planning lends itself well to sales and marketing organisations. A no-nonsense mindset of “let’s make something from nothing” is always welcomed by this fraternity. This would explain my long stay at Microsoft. But this isn’t the complete explanation.

Let’s use the term multiplier-effect to refer to making a lot from little. Inherent in this multiplier effect is the concept of efficiency and systemisation. Now, systems need not always be digital, but today, they mostly are. And it is a waste of resource to endeavour any kind of multiplier-effect in the absence of digital.

It is for this reason that I am a strong technology evangelist. My goal is steadfast in the direction of helping people bring their unique magic to the world. I see technology as a fundamental enabler. This is why this blog is about humanising digital. It is about helping people realise dreams, while exploiting technology to out-maneuvre constraints.

My work on this platform is funded by my company, Blacfox. Through Blacfox, I put my growth skills to good use servicing technology companies. The union of this platform and Blacfox is perfect in every respect. I get to live my purpose by helping people bring their dreams to life. In turn, we support technology companies, making Blacfox happy.

Kerushan Govender is a serial entrepreneur with several investments in SA and abroad. He has an extensive career spanning the technology and investment banking sectors, including about 10 years in various leadership roles at Microsoft. More recently, Kerushan was Area Head at Microsoft, based in Dubai, responsible for the Public Sector business across the Middle East and Africa. After leaving the Middle East, Kerushan helped set up a company in the US in partnership with a Forbes list billionaire, before returning to SA in 2017.

As a Statistician and Economist by postgraduate training, Kerushan is uniquely positioned to combine a scientific approach with deep on-the-ground business experience, producing novel business frameworks and solutions. Early on in his career, Kerushan spent a year training across Europe and the USA, applying technology to business problems. This training, together with decades of business experience has equipped Kerushan to simplify and demystify the technology conversation for all.

Kerushan continues to study, research and serve clients in the area of his passion: digital transformation. He has been featured in several news publications for his innovations, involving a provisional patent in forecasting, and recently appeared on a talk show on NBC in the USA for his ideas on people-driven computing.