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Are you still using a generator to power your server room?

You are not alone. With the most recent spate of load shedding ravaging our country, many businesses in South Africa find themselves at the mercy of harmful, smoke-emitting, diesel-powered generators. These generators, though once a reasonably efficient method of offsetting the effects of load shedding, are now considered costly, intrusive, and ineffective. The utter damage that can be caused to the electrical and IT infrastructure of your business by these unpredictable power surges and their effects are a major concern for organisations. Of course, organisations also have the alternative to employ costly backup batteries to help quell the side effects of load-shedding. Though these have also been effective for many companies until now, the sheer rate of load shedding recurrence due to the most recent Eskom crisis has left major South African companies in the lurch. MTN is one of the latest companies to have suffered such a fate at its [...]

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Raising the game in IT

IT has come a long way from the days of merely supporting the business from afar. At the risk of sounding like an IT zealot, I must remark that IT is, today, a means by which all business is done. Try to remember the last time you were involved in a business transaction where technology did not form any part of executing the transaction. Let’s say you walked into a grocer, picked up a bottle of milk, paid for it in cash and left. Even in such a limited and simple transaction, it is likely that the till-point was automated, or at the very least, the milk arrived at the store as a result of a logistics and distribution system. Let’s test the concept further. Consider that for most cities around the world, the city lights and the water supply into the city (not to mention the several other city services [...]

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Changing IT buying patterns

Today's IT sales journey stands in stark contrast to the traditional IT "single go-live" mindset: "Let's go-live with our monumental project in 2 years!" followed by a period where users struggle to adopt and get used to the system. Everything happens in one fell swoop. The IT sales journey described below inverts this. It's all about lean methods: iterating and about learning through the life of the project. It's about a journey, not a final destination. Customer Expectations are shifting IT buyer expectations are shifting along the lines in which cloud is sold. Customers tend to favour smaller upfront purchases, which may carry with them longer term, incremental (subscription-based) purchases. This shift has seeped into both the buying mindset and budgeting decision process of organisations. The new IT sales journey capitalises on how cloud is affecting both the manner in which IT services are procured and, primarily, the manner in which [...]

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