‘Do we downsize?’


Business leaders around the world are faced with tough decisions. This guide is intended to trigger thinking. It is not an absolute calculator. By playing around with these numbers and concepts, you should be able to find growth and stability despite the adversity.

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How to decide whether to downsize or not

How to decide whether or not to downsize

The president made a plea that all South Africans must avoid firing staff and suppliers at this difficult time. Business leaders are faced with the daunting task of keeping the ship afloat through rough waters. How do we navigate the constraints? How does one go about making the people decision in the face of income pressure? We prepared a simple guide to help business leaders methodically and logically approach this problem.

Find growth and stability despite the adversity

The main question most companies are faced with is whether or not to downsize at this challenging time. This free guide helps you answer those hard questions.