The Complete Google Chrome Shortcuts Cheatsheet


Your FREE guide to saving time at the office, quick and easy shortcuts.

In this easy guide you will find keyboard shortcuts that everyone can master. I put together a selection of my favourite shortcuts in Google Chrome.

Quick, easy and very effective shortcuts to help you in Google.

Save time at the office

If you’ve watched someone use their keyboard rapidly while in Google, you would know the respect and awe we have for these people. It is something to behold. I’ve watched boardrooms go silent under the spell of a keyboard samurai projecting her screen. Ah, the joys of work. Well, with our top 63 list of Chrome shortcuts, carefully curated from the interwebs, you will be well on your way to the same level of greatness. We wish you well, samurai.

Never waste another second

There’s never been an era in mankind’s history where we have been so overwhelmed. Speed of execution is a necessity and prerequisite for success. And wasting time isn’t an option.