The complete cheatsheet for Microsoft Office


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In this easy guide you will find keyboard shortcuts that everyone can master. I put together a selection of my favourite shortcuts in Microsoft Office.

Quick, easy and very effective shortcuts to help you in Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

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Never waste another second with these quick and easy shortcuts

Save time at the office

Do you waste time on your computer? Amex’s Open Forum says an average person loses two seconds per minute by switching between a mouse and keyboard. This adds up to a year across the span of a career. Estimate how much you will earn in your last working year. This is the value of that lost time. A warp-speed world requires warp-speed professionals. Those who discovered personal computing later in life are working with a young generation who grew up with technology. Tech-savvy types tend to use more keyboard shortcuts.

Never waste another second

There’s never been an era in mankind’s history where we have been so overwhelmed. Speed of execution is a necessity and prerequisite for success. And wasting time isn’t an option.