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“When the digital world started, many companies moved slowly and cautiously, not willing to replace their traditional operations. Now most companies have gone digital. We are now moving beyond digital into an AI world. Don’t ignore it. This important book will guide you by providing a fresh perspective on the interrelationships between humans and AI.” – Philip Kotler

Do you feel overwhelmed by the AI wave? Worried that it could cost you your job, harm your business, or even take over?

AI has pervaded our lives and is aggressively disrupting business. No person today can afford to ignore AI.

Age of Agency is your companion, helping you leverage AI’s capabilities to power your productivity and success. By understanding AI, you will learn to use it as a tool for personal career growth and business success.

Age of Agency is a blueprint for ensuring human agency outpaces computer agency. It boldly pits the limits of machine learning against the infinity of human ability. With this survival guide, you’ll uncover ways to connect with humanity on a deeper level, going beyond anything AI can do.

 Ready to become AI-savvy, with your humanity as your differentiator? Dive into the future with the confidence to ride the wave of today’s AI revolution.

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